What We Do


Transforming to form an integral part of community organizing. We focuses on popular education to broaden our audience that includes not only the Illiterate but also the Semi-Illiterate the Literate and the General Community. That people should have the Potential and Knowledge to make Decisions that affect their Lives and Communities.


This focuses on Development Issues and Policies that can contribute to the building of alternative approaches to Educational Development. The Community Development Programme seeks to integrate the pillars of organizing Social, Political and Sustainable Livelihood. That Women’s Empowerment and Direct Involvement in all levels is crucial for building Gender Sensitivity and Equality in all policies.


Through this, WREP is involved in sensitizing the communities, policy makers as to the crucial issues involved in Wemen’s and Girls’ Education through building Leadership and Media Campaigns, e.t.c. we intend to give women voice. Bi-annual Newsletters and Mimeographs, Workshops/Seminars. We encourage Networking and Collaboration amongst NGOs. Provision of Mentoring and Assistance to under-privileged women.


In realization of our goals, WREP solicits for Financial, Material and Moral Support from Multinational Organizations, Philanthropist and Private Organizations relevant with United Nations and International Agencies. We need your support to enable us carry out our programmes more effectively. You can be part of this vision through may ways.

  • You could support us by funding any of our programmes for a period of time.
  • You could provide equipment like computers, projector, e.t.c. for our challenging variety of regular education and training programmes.


  • Thematic area(s) or core work areas:
  • Elections,
  • Girl- child education
  • Legislative Advocacy;
  • Media;  
  • Armed Violence;
  • Political Parties;
  • Gender;
  • Women’s Rights;
  • Youth,
  • Democratic Governance,
  • Internship Programmes
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